NPCs Update!

Hey peeps,

I've been working on Myelin on and off for the past couple of months, focusing on two areas:

  1. Enhancing NPCs
  2. Addressing feedback, suggestions, and bugs

I'll still be working on #2 continuously, but I'm glad to say that the players of Myelin have greatly influenced many of the smaller changes in this update! More helpfiles, more command aliases, some re-balancing, and more.

The meat of the update is #1. NPCs now:

  1. Can use skills!
  2. May flee when their health is low, 
  3. Can resist (or be weak to) different types of attacks.
  4. Hold conversations!

Attack resistance/weakness also applies to players! The equipment you use can cause you to be more resistant to or weaker against different attacks. Look at your equipment or use the 'resistances' command to see your strengths and weaknesses. Damage types have also been implemented and are part of an overhaul of the combat system.

As for the last bullet point, there is currently only one "sentient" NPC in the game, and they are in the starting area. I am still working on training them on various responses. Just because they don't know how to respond the first time you speak to them or ask them a question doesn't mean that they won't be able to respond accordingly later on!

In addition, this update includes new and tweaked skills, items, and NPCs, including area-of-effect attack skills and craft-able, usable grenades for taking on a group of strong enemies.

Next release will most likely be focused on fleshing out Myelin's world as well as enhancing the crafting system!

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